Time for Change –
Rethinking instore baking

What is the vacuum baking business model all about?


In-store baking is long in the tooth. What it now needs is more efficiency through• drastically shortened processes
• lower personnel costs
• fast response time to demand fluctuations
• more flexibility
• less waste and returns

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Greater attractiveness through 
• new product ranges: large loaves, snacks, packed goods
• pizzas with succulent, crisp crusts like from a stone oven
• freshness that lasts a long time
• products that look attractive
• double-bake – reawakening an old quality concept
• greater sustainability

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More control through
• central cost management
• integration into higher-level control systems
• digitisation and automation

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An important building block for a new world of in-store baking is the innova-
tive UDO baking technology, the Univac Double-bake Oven from bakeXperts*. Worldwide there is no in-store baking oven that delivers the required goods in this stable quality faster and more flexibly. Process time and the personnel deployment required shrink to a minimum at the same time.

The unique UDO baking process gives the crumb moisture so it stays succulent for hours – the characteristic by which consumers recognise freshness.

A short vacuum cooling phase stabilises the structure of the baked products, so they look perfect and appetising for longer.

Even large loaves can be finish-baked in the UDO in a few minutes, and it delivers snacks and pizzas in a quality like they were freshly-made. Even packaged goods can be baked off in the UDO. Product ranges that were taboo for in-store baking ovens until now.

UDO is the mainstay for flexible, sustainable in-store baking in the future.

*the UDO was developed by cetravac AG based on the author‘s patent. All upcoming activities such as further development, production, sales and marketing fall within the area of responsibility of bakeXperts, a cetravac spin-off.

Altstätten, 3.9.2021/Adolf Cermak